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The Human Body app

This app is a groundbreaking look into the human body and offers highly accurate, visual and accessible information. The wonders of human anatomy are explored and explained in a way that offers hours of learning, fun and entertainment.

Designed for everyone with an interest in the subject, the Human Body app is a must-have reference. With enough detail to satisfy the demanding student, the app also offers rich illustrations and features for the casual browser. This is the perfect gift for yourself or someone who loves to learn.

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Quick Cook app

Wondering what to cook for a healthy and delicious meal after a busy day? Need to impress friends for dinner but don't want to spend hours in the kitchen? DK's Quick Cook makes choosing recipes, planning menus, shopping for food, and the cooking itself, fast, fun and hassle-free.

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Print your own T.Rex
Print your own T.Rex

Print your own T.Rex

DK Print your own T. Rex is a ground-breaking and fun learning app which lets you uncover every detail of the anatomy and life of one of the most ferocious predators ever to have roamed the earth, the King of the tyrant lizards, the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Become a palaeontologist and visit an excavation site to hammer, pick and brush away the rocks that hide the fossilised remains. Build your dinosaur by piecing together the remains of the creature. Once the T. Rex has been recreated bone-by-bone, a detailed 3-D model of the skeleton is unlocked that allows you to spin, zoom and view it from every angle. A separate 3-D printable model can then be sent to a 3-D printer at home or at a print bureau, so you have your very own fully-fleshed T. Rex.

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10 Minutes a Day Times Tables

With 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables you can practice your times tables through exciting car races, the faster you solve the questions the quicker your car will speed across the finish line. Its also a fun 'beat the clock test' where you show off your maths skills by racing across the line before the time runs out. If you dont get the answer right away youve got a chance to keep trying for the right one and if you dont make it youll get handy hints and tips to help you next time. Play your way through the rounds, speeding your way from bronze through silver and all the way up to gold. Once youve mastered the regular times tables you can test yourself in mixed times tables races, whizzing your way through with your maths knowledge.

DK's 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables app is ideal for showing children how fun maths can be.

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My First
Animal Games

Perfect for little hands and inquisitive minds, DK's My First Animal Games is the latest interactive game in the popular My First... series, which has sold over 15 million books and apps. It makes learning enjoyable, with games that teach children the basics in a fun, communicative way using bright, lively pictures and large, simple words.

My First Animal Games is ideal for pre-school children who love to learn all about animals. The various games bring dozens of popular feathered and furry friends to life against a vibrant and creative background. Intuitive and easy to use, children can safely play with this app by themselves or alternatively share the fun with a little help from their parents.

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Dr Frankenstein's
Body Lab

Step right into Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory to help him complete the ultimate experiment - creating a monster! Make your way through five body systems to acquire the parts youll need in the sixth and final game to build your very own monster.

In each level, place falling body parts into their proper spots in the system. Learn as you play by touching the empty spaces on the models body to learn facts about the parts that should fill it. After completing all five levels in 20 seconds or less, you can you build your monster - and feel free to make it silly!

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Bond Posters app

Celebrate 50 years of James Bond films in fine style with the Bond Posters app, created in collaboration with EON Productions, producers of the James Bond movies. Browse through a spectacular gallery of posters, from 1962's Dr. No to 2012's Skyfall. A collection of Bond images that captures, distils, and defines the lasting appeal of cinemas most compelling superspy.

The Bond Poster app provides a kaleidoscope of imagery that is sure to leave all James Bond fans shaken and stirred!

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Dinosaur Sticker

The perfect blend of fun and education, DK's Dinosaur Sticker app for the iPad takes explorers of all ages on a trip through a land that time forgot. Younger children can create prehistoric sticker scenes from 14 beautiful backdrops at the touch of a screen, while more experienced adventurers can match up to 64 dinosaurs in 8 exciting sticker challenges, unearthing fascinating dino facts along the way. Children can save photos of their sticker scene creations to share with friends and family, or print them out to build their very own Jurassic Park!

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Kid’s Crafts

The perfect rainy day survival kit: let Ted take you on a crafty adventure with the DK Kids' Crafts app!

Based on DK's award-winning activity books, this charming app will delight both kids and parents alike. With 3 interactive activities for the iPad and 3 hands-on tasks that let you get knitting, sewing and drawing off the screen, the DK Kids' Crafts app strikes the perfect balance between quick-fix fun and games, and inspiration for children to get creative at home.

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My First Word Play app

Perfect for little hands and inquisitive minds, DK My First Word Play is perfect for pre-school children who are just learning to engage with words. With a clean design and games that teach children the basics in a fun and communicative way, it is the perfect start to making learning fun.

The design matches the iconic My First books which provide a colorful and visually creative background for learning. Like the My First books, the app is packed with bright, lively pictures and large, simple text - but here it comes to life!

DK My First Word Play is in Apple universal format, which means that it can be purchased once and downloaded onto the iPhone and iPad. An easy to use and clear design means that children can use this app by themselves, or with a little help here and there.

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Day by Day app

You're having a baby! - and DK's Pregnancy Day by Day is the app that's with you every step of the way. Providing you with the most detailed information, this is the only app to show you exactly what's happening to you and your baby, during every single day of your pregnancy.

Your portable guide to pregnancy, only DK Pregnancy Day by Day provides this level of detail. Extraordinary photographs, 3D scans and interactive illustrations reveal what's going on inside. Offering trusted advice from a team of world-class medical experts, the app reassures, informs, and reminds in the countdown to parenthood.

When you should expect to start showing? What's happening to your baby right now? What do you need to plan before your baby arrives? DK Pregnancy Day by Day answers these and more, with over 1000 pages of content and 754 images to show you how and explain why.

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Dr Miriam Stoppard

Combining trusted advice from the UK's best-known expert on pregnancy and birth with ground-breaking new content, Dr Miriam Stoppard Pregnancy provides more functionality than any other pregnancy app, with never-before-seen features that allow you to share your baby's experience of life in the womb.

Uniquely detailed, Dr Miriam Stoppard Pregnancy is divided into four sections, My Pregnancy, Baby's World, Videos and Knowledge. Easy-to-use and intuitive to navigate, it allows you to move easily from section to section to experience exclusive features in each of the four modules.

Dr Miriam Stoppard Pregnancy allows parents-to-be to gain a greater understanding of their pregnancy and their baby's development in a truly interactive way. One-of-a-kind, it allows Miriam to join them on this journey providing expert advice and guidance at every step of the way.

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Tom Ang’s Digital
Photography app

Step by step, picture by picture, with Tom Ang's Digital Photography app to hand, you'll soon be taking pictures you can be proud of, wherever you are, whatever your situation.

Based on Tom's hugely popular book, How to Photograph Absolutely Everything, this is the app that shows you how to photograph any subject you might encounter, with 85 fantastic guides, all in a simple step-by-step format.

With three ways to search for content and clear instructions within each guide, this is the most handy, comprehensive and user-friendly photography app on the market. No matter what camera you use, and whatever your level of expertise, Tom's inspiring images and jargon-free guidance will take your photography to the next level!

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DK Quiz app

Play for fun. Play for glory.

Love quizzes? Feel like a challenge?

Test your knowledge with DK's Quiz app and play 100 questions for free. There is a quiz for you whether you love music, film, history, food, travel, food, insects, inventions, plants, sports, animals. Play solo or challenge your friends to quizzes and check out your score on the leaderboard.

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I've already downloaded the app, but have recently moved to a new device and it's not showing up, how do I download it without paying again?

Your account should have a 'downloaded purchases' tab where you can download apps that you have previously bought. These do not run out and you should be able to re-download at any time.

If this doesn't work, please contact the seller directly.

The GPS signal on my Eyewitness/Top 10 app isn't working.

Make sure that your mobile data and 'enable 3G' options are turned on under Settings > General > Mobile Data

If this doesn't work, and other apps using GPS are working in the same location, please contact us via our app support form

I am unhappy with my app and would like a refund, how do I go about getting one?

Refunds for an app bought in the Appstore should be sought through iTunes. You apply for a refund by finding your purchase in the Account section.

Refunds for apps bought on Google Play have to be applied for through the developer. Please contact:

My app keeps crashing, what do I do?

The first thing to do is check that there isn't an update of the app waiting to be downloaded in your App Store app. You should also check that you are running the latest version of the software available for your device. This can have an impact on the functionality of your apps. If both your app and your software are up to date, then try deleting the app and re-downloading from the 'purchased' tab in the App Store.

It is worth noting that some apps take up a lot of memory. It might also be useful to quit any running apps before trying to reload.

My purchase has been confirmed, but the app isn't downloading properly.

If you are having trouble downloading an app after purchase, please contact the seller directly. Most stores have a FAQ or submission section for any issues.

Before you contact the seller you could also check whether the app you are downloading is compatible for your device (this information should be available in or around the app summary,) and that your device has enough memory space to hold the app.

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