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jacket image for Evolution Revolution by -  Robert Winston

Dorling Kindersley
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781405337199

About Robert Winston

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Evolution Revolution

Robert Winston - Author

Dorling Kindersley
Hardback : 02 Feb 2009


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The story behind Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution from the fun and fabulous Robert Winston.

Look inside: Evolution Revolution


Join Robert Winston for an amazing look at the story of evolutionary science and the way Charles Darwin’s revolutionary theories changed the world.

Explore lands of fire, meet curious creatures, and peer into the future, as you follow Darwin on his epic voyage in search of the origins of species.

Discover how previous thinkers believed life began and the dramatic developments since Darwin’s era. Find out how theories developed after Darwin, with modern scientists revealing the secrets of genes and DNA, creating evolution in a jam jar, and showing what lies in the future.

It’s the origins of you, your friends, and every living thing on Earth!

Watch Robert Winston talking about Evolution Revolution in our video below.

Customer Reviews

Customer Review:

5 stars Review by: Mrs Stephen with comments from P6 pupils, 24 February 2009

'This book has been used with a P6 class studying Charles Darwin as part of the bicenteniary celebrations of his life. They found the layout of the book to be "Interesting" and "liked the way the text changed and you could see the main ideas." The high colour content and good use of graphics made the book "exciting to look at" for one pupil. Another pupil thought "the pictures were great - they really stood out."
The book appears to feed the children''s natural curiousity about the world around them, making good use of technical terminology. The glossary provides a useful reference point for definitions of these terms.
Although the content of the book covers some quite intricate and complex ideas, the children enjoyed the depth of information provided. One pupil commented that although there was "lots of information ... it was easy to find what you wanted." The class found the chapters "All in the Genes" and "Evolution in Action" particularly informative and enjoyable with one pupil commenting that she "loved the bits about how animals adapt" and another saying "Awesome stuff on dinosaurs!"
Overall, with its vivid and bold use of colour, varied page layout and informative text, this book is very readable making a complex concept accessible to children. Excellent resource for a primary school library!'

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Product details

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781405337199
Size: 216 x 276mm
Pages : 96
Publication date: 02 Feb 2009
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

Evolution Revolution
Robert Winston - Author

Sorry, this book is out of stock
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