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Dorling Kindersley
Format: Paperback: flexiback
ISBN: 9781405330930

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Dorling Kindersley : Eyewitness Companions
Paperback: flexiback : 03 Nov 2008

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Get an in-depth look at everyone’s favourite topic – the weather - with this authoritative and comprehensive guide, written in association with the UK Met Office.

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Look inside: Weather


Wind, cloud, tornadoes, twisters, hurricanes, storms, rain and snow, discover all you need to know about the world’s extraordinary climate and weather systems. Find out how our weather works from learning to “read” clouds to predicting future conditions from the isobars on a weather chart, plus explore the technology behind forecasting.

Discover what’s happening to the planet, and what changes to expect for our climate in the years to come. Hop on a round-the-world tour of different weather and climate phenomena, explaining why they occur and how they affect us.

Written in association with the UK Met Office, the world’s oldest meteorological agency, and a global leader in climate research and weather prediction.

Customer Reviews

Customer Review:

5 stars Review by: lynne bryan, 12 November 2008

'Very exciting book, it explains how other countries and people deal with extreme weather, its a mouthwatering journey through weather most of us have never seen.'

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Product details

Format: Paperback: flexiback
ISBN: 9781405330930
Size: 125 x 217mm
Pages : 288
Publication date: 03 Nov 2008
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

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