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Stephen Biesty

Stephen Biesty

Stephen Biesty is an artist of phenomenal talent with remarkable visual skills. He is best known for taking apart a wide variety of things to find out what goes on inside them. His book, Incredible Cross Sections, published in 1992, is an international bestseller with over one million copies in print worldwide.

Stephen Biesty was born on 27th January 1961 in Coventry. As a child, Stephen would spend hours drawing castles, knights at battle and ferocious Vikings. His already fertile imagination was further fuelled by films such as Spartacus, Ben Hur and Anthony and Cleopatra.

Stephen left home in 1979 to attend Loughborough College of Art and Design where he did an arts foundation course. In 1980 he moved to Brighton Polytechnic to gain a BA Hons in Graphic Design. He specialised in historical reconstruction illustration and developed a particular interest in what went on inside castles and other ancient buildings.

Leaving Brighton with a first class degree, Stephen went on to gain an MA in Graphic Design at City of Birmingham Polytechnic, working further in historical reconstruction. Since leaving Birmingham Stephen has worked full-time as an illustrator on a variety of information books for both adults and children including Dorling Kindersley's Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia.

It took Stephen two and a half years to draw the wonderful illustrations for the best-selling Incredible Cross-Sections. That volume was the inspiration for a new range of cross-section books, which he been producing at the rate of one a year. Man of War (1993), Castle (1994), Incredible Pop-Up Cross-Sections (1995), Incredible Explosions (1996), Incredible Everything (1997), Incredible Body (1998) a poster of the Millennium Dome, and finally Biesty's Absolutely Best Cross Sections Book (1999).

Stephen Biesty lives in Somerset with his wife and son.