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Derek Parker

Derek Parker

Derek & his wife Julia are leading figures in the world of astrology

Derek and Julia Parker were born precisely two months apart in the same year, and grew up in the English West country, where Julia became an art student and Derek a trainee journalist. They worked for some time as teacher and reporter respectively, and then Julia became a consultant astrologer after training with the Faculty of Astrological Studies (of which she later became President, and is now Patron). Derek wrote a book examining astrology in the modern world, and then in 1971 they jointly broke new ground with their Complete Astrologer, which sold millions of copies world-wide and taught many readers how to draw up and interpret their full birth-charts.

Since then they have published well over 40 books between them on a number of subjects, including fiction, travel, mythology, magic and dream interpretation - but they concentrate mainly, still, on writing books simplifying the complicated theory of 'real' astrology - Parkers' Astrology, first published by Dorling Kindersley in 1990, is now being enlarged and up-dated, and in KISS: Astrology they make the subject more easily understandable than perhaps ever before. They have lectured all over the world and frequently appear on British, American and Australian television and radio.

When they are not travelling world-wide, lecturing publicly or at astrological conferences - but also for pleasure (it is a major hobby) Derek and Julia live with their wire-haired fox terrier Toorak in London and in a seventeenth century cottage in Cambridgeshire, where for relaxation Julia paints and Derek does acres of petit point and reads everything from Tolstoy to the labels on sauce bottles. They have a web-site - - on which they post a monthly free astrology column.